How To Fix Rotate Screen On Laptop Windows 10? Programming & Design

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The most prominent one caused a performance drop on AMD Ryzen systems. An update seems to have fixed this issue, which was related to the L3 cache. However, Hardware Unboxed has discovered another issue with Windows 11 and AMD CPUs, also related to the L3 cache. This issue requires you to reinstall Windows 11 if you’re swapping the CPU in your system. This isn’t really something most users will do though.

So, with all that in mind, let’s dive in to the details. You almost certainly have a selection of apps installed on your computer, and many of these use notifications to let you know about things. A news app can alert you to the latest headlines, an email app will let you know when you have new mail, and your chat app will inform you of new messages that need your attention. The touch keyboard has also been redesigned, with a smaller keyboard just for your thumb, and emojis ready to be used. Microsoft says dictation will also be improved, alongside voice commands, with ‘delete that’ options and more. There’s now a much-improved health check app found in Settings, where Windows 11 will recommend you to turn down the brightness for example, change the power saving mode of the battery and much more.

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In most cases, the software on those PCs doesn’t even exist anymore – the vendors have ended support, it was acquired, or it has been abandoned in the market. Eleven books with bound-in CD-ROMs, holographic covers, and page counts higher than the average phone book. I could fill this entire issue with Windows 95 book reviews. There is, for instance, a clear semantic difference between a “Dummy” and a “Complete Idiot” which someone should explain to the nice people at Que. Either offering will, however, serve the purpose equally well, although I think Rathbone has a slight edge as a writer. Microsoft has published a utility that makes doing this EXTREMELY EASY. The program is called “TweakUI”, and is part of their PowerToys package.

  • The Windows 95 debug APl is centered around the WaitForDebugEvent function.
  • The Settings app, on the other hand, gets a complete makeover.
  • The next thing you’ll see is a notification that opens into the ‘Snip & Sketch’ app.
  • The first element in pModuleTableArray is for the KERNEL32.DLL module.

Why not, they asked, assist the user in that as much as possible. Gone were the days of “Oh dear, which program on my system lets me write letters again?” In Windows 95, you made a letter from the file manager, and you edited it. It’s a really different way of thinking we don’t see too much of in today’s world of “There’s an app for that” train of thought. WPDOS 5.1 and later can use expanded memory to increase its workspace. WPDOS 6.x can also use extended memory for the same purpose, but, on slower systems, WPDOS 6.x seems to run faster with EMS. You’ve now tweaked your system , so that you’ll have to type WIN before the GUI portion of Windows95 comes up.

First set of Windows app updates rolling out to Windows Insiders for Windows 11

Windows 10’s snipping tool also has a Delay button, which can be helpful for capturing menus or dialog boxes. Visit this address in your file explorer to see the location of your screenshots, Visit this is where your snipping tools screenshots are saved temporarily. In Windows 10 there are various ways by which users can capture a screenshot and save it for later.

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324 jumping to an internal routine that does the real work is typical of many functions in the system DLLs . Other than some logging code in the debug version, IVirtualQuery is nothing more than a call to VirtualQueryEx with the current process’s pseudohandle as the first parameter. Note that in Windows 95, IVirtualQuery calls VirtualQueryEx.

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